Wire Wildlife


Wire Sculpture Workshop with Artist Zack Mclaughlin 

As I have been in a few workshops recently like ‘Sketch, Design & Carve’ and ‘Diamonds & Stars | Origami Ornaments’ I think doing something out of your comfort zone can give you more confidence and even discover a skill you never even knew you had. You might surprise yourself.

It’s not every day you find yourself creating animals out of wire. My boyfriend Adam and I found ourselves doing just that at a wire sculpture workshop at Heals’ Furniture store in London taught by artist Zack Mclaughlin from Paper & Wood.Zack showing his students the first stages of construction.Adam my boyfriend wasting no time and almost completing his hare.Zack is a fantasy artist and sculptor, who is best known for making his animals from paper, wood as well as wire. A group of us were shown by Zack how to create either, sparrows, robins or hare. Even though the workshop is for beginners and no advanced skill is required, some spatial awareness will help you enormously as well as creativity.

Fortunately, to make constructing your animal less frustrating to put together, Zack kindly spared us the tears and tantrums by providing photocopies of templates for us to use to help sculpt our wire creatures.Adam’s finished hare, just need to add the tail.In conversation, many around the table apart from looking slightly overwhelmed, like myself were discussing which out of the templates looked less complicated. As we started creating our chosen bird or hare creature, at each stage had its small and fiddly challenges.

At each stage and using the example sculptures he created, we could closely examine each twist and bend to hopefully make something that resembles wildlife.My not so upright robin redbreast. Still, need to finish off what I started at the workshop. Above: Completed examples Zack Mclaughlin.

The great thing about the workshop was that even though I got a bit frustrated with myself and inability to keep the shape of the bird that I wanted, everyone who asked questions helped one another and produced some interesting wire sculptures too.


Want to go to the wire sculpture workshop? Check out Zack Mclaughlin’s work to see how the wire sculptures should look like.


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