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Ever since I started blogging my office desk doubles as my vanity area. As you can imagine with only two draws, it can get untidy very quickly.

There are many creative ways to get yourself organised without rearranging your life to get the desired and inexpensive look. Been a fan of acrylic and resin storage as they fit in any interior style I already have in my home. I have been introducing and finding different storage solutions to organise my makeup, as I find it is easy to clean and looks good too.

Muji – Acrylic Pot – with three partitions

The first storage unit  I had to organise my stationery was an acrylic unit that was designed for mini discs (remember those?) which fairly recently Muji unfortunately no longer sells.

This was perfect as I could divide and remove the individual partitions to accommodate my stick notes, paperclips and pens. Wished I had purchased another at the time having another alongside would fit perfectly in the space. As you accumulate more beauty products, many brands like to give you samples of beauty and skin care products to try out. Time has passed by and those samples soon stack up. So where do you put them in the meantime? Well for me it was in the same two draws in my office and vanity desk. These Oliva Bonas thick heavy acrylic neon yellow boxes – similar style from Amara – acrylic-box-neon are great to store my beauty product samples.

Muji – Acrylic Stand with Partition

I have been on the hunt for similar proportioned acrylic units. Muji has now added more variations of the partition acrylic storage. I recently picked up four of the closest size units called the acrylic stand with partition. They do a good job, would of like more sizes but with the same height.

Amazon – Universal Nail Polish Case Holder Storage

For more storage ideas Ways to Organise Your Beauty Products.

Tell me what storage solutions you have found that work best for beauty organisation?


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