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Simple yet effective ways to store your makeup

No matter how organised you are, your room can look still look like a bomb has hit it.

For awhile I had promised myself to organise my spare room. This room is where I do a lot. I get ready in the morning there, do my make up there and also use as my home office. In my Ways to Store blog post, I look at storage solutions, especially if space is limited. It only takes a few things that haven’t been put away to make any room a mess.

Out of all of my products, makeup and makeup tools I have the least of. Still a work in progress, I find placing and sectioning into trays and compartment type storage work well. As smaller space commands better organisation.

Still deciding if I want to use this Perspex holder I found in TK Maxx. Looks great to store my Zoeva make brushes, but not keen on getting them dusty either. Will rethink this one. Any better ideas on keeping brushes dust free? Perfume bottles look great on your vanity when in a tray. I have purchased two metal trays from H&M in round and rectangle. I like having these to place makeup I grab and go to every day.I think the best way to look at storing makeup is to ask yourself these questions to decide what storage will work best.

Do I you have limited space? Is accessing your make up easily important to you? I found asking these questions will determine what kind of storage solution will work best for storing makeup. If you have seen from reading my beauty blog posts, I have a large collection of nail polish I need to keep on top of when organising it.

I have seen many nail polish racks but wasn’t keen on displaying my polish and taking up valuable wall space.

My two favourite ways of storing and preferred are using these Muji boxes and cases I got as Christmas presents. Using these cases, I can now see what colours I have, instead of rummaging and guessing what I have.

What would you recommend the best way to store makeup products? Leave your ideas and suggestions in the comments below would love to know.


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