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Light Fantastic: Lighting & Storage Ideas

Been slowly decorating my home for a while. If you have read the ‘Pamper & Relax’ blog post, you will know I like my home comforts. Creating a visually stimulating environment is what I love to see and live in. Love stainless steel against wood and neon lighting lately. Now it sounds that it wouldn’t work, but from the beginning, I could envisage how the three can work. When creating the finishing touches, can make all the difference. An inexpensive way is using lighting around the home.

With the bathroom, spare room and kitchen 90% complete from looking like an Elle decoration home, I felt adding lighting effects was the quickest and inexpensive way to give a space that extra wow factor.

Light, texture and brushed steel work well together. I enjoy mixing things up a bit. Having LED mood lights changing colour under these shelves gives a nice relaxed feel to the kitchen. Using a simple tray to keep things tidy, like this neon tray from Habitat, gives an interesting colour effect, especially under blue or purple LEDs. I like how the light bounces off the surfaces, reflecting and very mesmerising.

It was long over due it was time to organise the vanity & office desk. As I edit the blog posts for digital fluidity, it was becoming more stressful to use my desk. Picked up these metal trays in rectangle and round from H&M Home; mainly to keep my beauty products and perfumes separate from my stationery. Only realised until I got home that it matched my mirror stand. Excellent!

By adding an extra light to the tray, makes using this space a far more enjoyable experience.

How do you use lighting in your home to transform a living space? Tell me what ideas you have in the comments.

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Rora Yellow Acrylic Tray – by Habitat

Perforated Metal Tray – by H&M Home

Battery Wire Lights – Various


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