Designs On Love

Work from – The Saatchi Gallery 

It’s that time again. The most commercial day of the year, besides, Christmas, Easter etc. If you celebrate or wish to ignore it, you can definitely feel the pressure to impress the one you are with or want to be with.

Even if we are choosing to ignore today for whatever our reasons, we as human beings crave it and express it in many ways.

It got me thinking more of how people have expressed their dying love and how designers, artists have expressed love through art and design. From a simple graphic on packaging to a large work of art in a gallery.

Art is objective. Ways to express can easily misinterpret what the artist and subject are revealing about themselves.
The colour red. Associated with valentines has always been a winner with many companies who sell products around the theme of love.

A more simplistic approach to packaging I have noticed to express love is with the more minimalist approach. Clean typography and design of Jo Loves, by Jo Malone, focuses on three things the colour of love, the texture and materials use and presentation. The main centre stage here is the fragrance, nothing should distract from the scent.

Whatever you decided to do or not do with this day, have a good one.

Who are your favourite artists who design with love in mind? What gets your heart a flutter?


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