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Food and Socialising 

I’m always looking out for events to attend and meeting other like-minded creative individuals within the creative industries.

You may have noticed I’ve been to quite a few events over the last few months. Been a busy bee searching/researching for opportunities and content for Digital Fluidity. One trend which I don’t think will go away anytime soon is the Supper Club. So what better way to combine my favourite interests to also include eating, shopping and networking?

Creative Women’s Network at Bourne & Hollingsworth

First Supper: The Day & Night Series is in collaboration with The Link, P+P Studio and Bidisha Sinha hosted by Tatiana Kostanian from Bidishas Kitchen not only is she an architect but runs a social supper club where she teaches others her love of East Indian cooking.

Held at the Bourne & Hollingsworth in Clerkenwell, the venue was ideal as we were in a large private loft dining room space which was kitted out with ovens, hobs and preparation areas.Most of the guests knew each other either from previously working together or in passing at other similar events and had various career backgrounds from cooking, design and architecture. I quickly felt welcomed like I was being reunited with old friends.

This supper was slightly different, instead of just having food served, you had a cooking partner you only just met that you possibly were introduced to previously to cook your meal with. This was a great way to meet new people and forced you to be sociable. The menu and instructions we had were a choice/option to cook either a fish curry or a vegetarian chickpea dish.

Great supper and I met some interesting people which I hope to see again in the near future.

Social Pantry at Anthropologie

Second Supper. Later in the week was a shopping experience event held at Anthropologie store, Regent Street London and organised by Alex Head of Social Pantry.

This would have been my second event I was invited to by Social Pantry after attending the keys for Life Charity Supper ‘The Social Supper’ I knew this was going to be an interesting menu.

The difference between the first supper The Day & Night Series compared with the Social Pantry is that you don’t know what is on the menu until you arrive. This was an event to shop after the meal at the Anthropologie store. So a very different experience from Tianna’s business networking supper.

Accompanying with the meal, you were offered an option of drinks when you arrived. The gin cocktail of orange and juniper berries made and presented by Portobello Road Gin was a generous size, refreshing and very much appreciated especially after a long hot summer’s day after work.@Portobello_GinAgain The Social Panty did a great job and it was also a great excuse to shop at Anthropologie store for the evening. Keep an eye out for the blog post to find out what I purchased that evening.

Beauty at Brunch at The Dead Dolls House

The Brunch: Finally, what better way to end the week by starting my Sunday with other blogger chums @DeadDollsHouse in Islington London. Beauty at Brunch – Sisters Rae and Lily were the hosts and organisers of #BrunchWithBAB. For their first event, I was very impressed.

Brunch was served at the main table which had a mixture of waffles, bacon/sausage, scrambled eggs, fruit and avocado on toast. Once everyone took their photos, there was plenty of opportunities to mingle and talk.

Bloggers from beauty, food, lifestyle and YouTubers attended. I was glad to see Jasmine a familiar face from Just Lovely Little things who I previously met from the blogosphere awards ceremony I was recently nominated for community award for.

But most importantly even though I have enjoyed going to these events and making great content and networking for Digital Fluidity, I must admit I enjoy meeting new people like Alice @aliceinwlust Jasmine @lovelylittlejas May @transiencestudi Lana @whodoido Noemie @mimies_delicacies (Instagram) and Alice @aliceinwlust

I didn’t intentionally plan for the week to be about food it was just a coincidence. I did enjoy all three different event experiences I can definitely see myself attending similar events like these in the near future.

Do you know of any events I could attend you think I might enjoy? Would love to know in the comments below.

Thank you to…

Tatiana, Alex, Rae and Lily who made each supper/brunch event memorable and tasty

The Day & Night Series is in collaboration with: The Link, P+P Studio and Bidisha Sinha.

Brands at Beauty at Brunch: @cleanbeautyco @coconutlaneuk 


Brands at Social Pantry – Supper Club:@Anthropologie | @Portobello_Gin


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