The Water’s Edge


River Views Around New York – Manhattan and Brooklyn

We are all used to seeing the skyscrapers, yellow cabs and subways which New York is famously known for.

One of the things I like about New York it has plenty of impressive parks and rivers. I found when going on a trip or holiday to any city, even though there are plenty of things to see and do, it can at times feel overwhelming. Keeping that in mind, one of the things I wanted, was a stress-free visit to New York. To explore and take the views of the water’s edge near and around Manhattan and Brooklyn.
Vietnam Memorial Walls – Battery Park

Travelling by boat or ferry to and from Battery to Liberty and Ellis Island, there are many places to sit and enjoy the unobstructed views.Views across the East River – Bushwick Inlet Park New York’s Battery Park is almost tourist free but would still recommend to not only for the views but also relaxing in the park itself. As well as the dock from there for the cruises leaving to and from Liberty and Ellis Island, there are many places to sit and enjoy the unobstructed views.

One of the best places to see some great views of the Manhattan skyline is from the east riverside like Brooklyn Heights Promenade or Bushwick Inlet Park. Not only less crowded but more of a residential area. Far more relaxed and open spaces to watch the sun setting against New York’s skyline.Views from Liberty Ireland & Battery Park

I know how difficult living working or visiting any city can be, you seem to always spend most of your time rushing from one place to another even on holiday. So finding the time to step back a little can seem almost impossible task. Since returning to cities like New York, I try to with each visit to step back a little and seek out activities that give me more time to slow down to sit, reflect and relax.

What is your favourite waterside water’s edge city escape you love to visit? What makes that place special?


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