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loves and dislikes about London

Maybe it’s because I’m a Londoner that’s why I love London so? Well not always. Don’t get me wrong like any big city it can have its pluses and minuses too. I could easily create a list as long as my arm what I love and dislike about my hometown, but for me, it’s about pointing out the good bad and ugly and just adapting to my environment.

Like any city, you may have lived in for a long time, there are days when you can’t even bear to look at the place between the eyes and looking at ways to think escape. But there are moments of calm in the city. In ‘City Garden Escape’, I talked about city gardens behind the busy streets of London which could easily get overlooked.This got me thinking about all the places which get easily overlooked or taken for granted. There are many things that I love and dislike about London, I try not to moan which is tricky I know when there is so much to complain about. But it is only when you leave London for a short while you appreciate it a little bit more.

The people of a city and town make the place what it is. If you come across rude or polite this can affect how we treat each other over a period of time. Without getting too deep, it makes sense to treat others how you really want to be treated. If there a place that has plenty of markets, it’s London. A social place if you are feeling social to meet up with friends, buy local produce or swap your fashion wardrobe for some vintage clothing. Too many places to eat or not enough variety. One person’s love is some someone else’s dislike. When it comes to food London has every cuisine you can think of.

When it comes to living in London, I have always try to step slightly back and not necessarily avoid, but take an alternative path when it comes to living in the city.

A small but effective way I get through a busy and stressful commute into work or into town is I take the next one along moto.  If the train or bus is crowded, another will be along shortly. If the escalator is busy I wait at the end of the crowd until there is enough room to get on the escalator.

Everyone is in a hurry, this is stressful in itself and we can easily blame and point the finger at London but we have some responsibility for how we live and how we want to live.

Even though there is plenty to see and do in London, we all now and again are never happy. So when it gets to that stage I like to do things and remind myself why I love old London Town so.

The Love

  • Eating out
  • Walking the back streets for a change
  • Culture & Variety

The Dislikes

  • Public transport
  • Peak times/overcrowding
  • Roadworks.

All places I have documented within this post I love and would recommend you visit when in London.

Do you have a love-dislike affair with your hometown? What do you Love or dislike about your local area and how would you change it?

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