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Art Consultant Louisa Warfield | Her Personal Art Collection

Artist: David SmithAs part of a home tour with The DecorCafe Network, a collaborative community who’s mission is to help create individuals with their home and home businesses. Louisa Warfield and The DecoCafe have invited us into her home, a beautiful 1930s renovated property in south London.

Not many people can say they have an art gallery in their home. Art Consultant Louisa Warfield has proudly built an impressive art collection for some time now. She has Primarily focused upon on collecting from smaller independent artists who have now since grown in popularity.

Artist: Filippo Carramazza

There is no place like home, even special when you have dedicated almost every part of your home as a gallery space.

Deliberate, yet in a haphazard style, I particularly like the way Louisa has grouped the artists work together making the paintings the focal point of each room.
Artist: Alice Cescatti

When helping clients to buy artwork, Louisa believes concentrating on each room at a time to get a better understanding of her client’s lifestyle and tastes in art.

As well as socialising and meeting members of the DecorCafe, I learnt some good ideas about styling my home and how to display art and photography.

This was a great tour and I look forward to viewing the next one.

If you could buy one piece of art from any artist who and what piece of work would it be and why?

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