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The Other Art Fair – Presented by Saatchi Art

Last week I was invited to a private view of the Other Art Fair at Victoria House London. The atmosphere was exciting and electric. Even after an hour from when the first guests arrived, the place was buzzing with the enthusiasm of the artist’s work.

I was of the opinion that buying art was only for the privileged few.

I think this is where in 2017 and for the past few years that view of art is still present, but opinions and attitudes are definitely changing now and moving towards a more modern relaxed and less conservative view of how artist and buyers sell, buy and present their art.

The Other Art Fair is very much about a celebration and collaboration of a new generation of artists and art buyers. Dressing to impress: Even the visitors were walking pieces of art. Apparently, storm troopers now come in many colours and can also DJ too.

What I enjoyed most about the art fair was the opportunity to speak directly to the artists or their representative to talk about the concepts and thinking behind the work.

There was plenty to see, from traditional art, abstract paintings, photography, taxidermy, to pop art and embroidery.

As the evening continued, it was getting more difficult to more around to see every piece of work. So if you go to either the Melbourne, New York, Bristol, Sydney or London art fairs in 2017, I would highly recommend you visit more than once if you want to buy.

If you could buy from an artist who would it be from and why?


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