The Narrow Kitchen | Part One


Work In Progress

The kitchen was long overdue for a makeover, decades in fact. As plans and money finally were organised, designing and project managing a kitchen became more of a challenge than anticipated.

Knocking down the shared living room wall would increase costs, also the ceiling of the living room had a hole in it from a previous water pipe damage some time ago.

After going to a few places to initial get ideas how to best utilise the space, my boyfriend and I did the planning ourselves. After going through the ideas with our builder, work began.Turning off the water and electric to the building and not only the kitchen would be out of action, but the living room was out of bounds too. We decided to move out for a few weeks.

After reworking the kitchen plans from the suppliers, we thought replacing the door with a large window and having French doors in the living room would make more sense. That way there would still be an exit out into the garden and would give the kitchen more natural light. More importantly, more worktop space to prepare food.

Project managing, and deciding months in advance was key to having a successful kitchen built. Having a trusted builder, like the one I had to renovate my bathroom saved so much time and headaches. Check out Hotel Bathroom Chic to see the results

My boyfriend did a visual diagram of how much space we actual would have on the one side to accommodate wall shelves and a dish rack. My favourite part was deciding the kitchen colour scheme and fixtures.

As this was a narrow space, we were aware that the fridge and chimney had to stay where they were. So working around them would be a challenge, but not impossible.

We decided to half the depth of the base units on one side, this would then resolve the issues of restrictions on movement around the kitchen.

As with any project, there are plenty of hick ups along the way. I would advise if you are going to handle the day to day of handling the budget, advising the builders and making decisions on the final design at short notice. I would take some time off from the day job, as it can get time-consuming and stressful if you haven’t done a renovation before.

Want to see the final results? Come back for part 2 of The Narrow Kitchen.


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