The Canal


Canal Saint-Martin, Paris, France


For those who like the slight hipster, raw art side of town to explore, then I would recommend visiting St martins Canal in Paris, just off the side of the river Seine.

On my second shorter stay in Paris, we decided the last full day to take some photography shoots, as well as check out the local area to from our accommodation.

St-Martins-Canal-Paris-v1 St-Martins-Canal-Paris-v6

Not far from the canal on the side streets, are lined with artist graffiti street art on the buildings.


An older and multicultural community, with a good selection of cafes and art book stores to explore. A place to sit and read a book or to pass and visit for a quick bite to eat. At first appearances, it has that student, look and feel. Care free, a bit rough around the edges.

If you want to get away from the busy tourist traps, and enjoy Paris at a slower pace. I would add St Martins Canal on your things to do and see.

If you have visited St Martins Canal, what was your experience of the place? What would you recommend next we see and do there?


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