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AP Café – Bushwick – Brooklyn

the-cafe-life-v20 the-cafe-life-v11If in New York, I would recommend AP Café in Bushwick Brooklyn, they now how to do contemporary interior mixed with organic earthy style. Plenty of benches, plants and concrete to look at here.

MOMA – Café

the-cafe-life-v3the-cafe-life-v5Not a coffee drinker, but I do like a good hot chocolate now and again. Something satisfying sitting in a warm cafe, sipping a hot beverage and reading a magazine. The MOMA (Museum of Modern Art NY) have a Café and restaurant on different floors. Clean white space, great views overlooking the garden courtyards and they have great cheesecake too.the-cafe-life-v6

A way a café looks and feels, in my opinion, can make or break my decision to want to stay there. When the interior design of a café has been carefully considered, thought out, people will be more than willing to return.

Seen too much overcrowded, run-down and uncomfortable places. No excuse!

I always have high expectations where I drink my beverages. Should have the bare minimum requirements:

  • Spacious
  • Comfortable
  • Plenty of beautiful interiors to stare at
  • Good food, tea, coffee
  • A selection if magazines and newspapers
  • Decent working WC

Think it isn’t important? Why? If it does matter, what are the top three things that make a well-designed cafe?


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