Strike a Pose | Part 1 – The Flat Lay


Fashion Photography Class With Fujifilm & Instyle Magazine

So it’s no surprise if you have been following the workshops and masterclasses I attended in 2017. That I like to stretch my skills further by learning more about one of the things I love to do is taking photos for Digital Fluidity.

Like many of us, we get by or into the habit of staying in our own comfort lane, especially when learning new or developing existing skills.

When it comes to design, photography or any discipline, you never stop learning. I was invited by Fujifilm UK and Instyle UK Magazine to learn how to improve on the techniques I had learnt over the years.

When I attended the last Fujifilm masterclass for interior styling photography, ‘The Dark Rooms | Photography Masterclass’, I could see similarities in setting up the stage and styling your photoshoot.

Using the Fuji X-E3 at the photoshoot.

Left – Fashion & Celebrity Director – Josh Newis-Smith | Right – Photographer: Jamie Stoker, showing us the different camera and styling techniques on a professional fashion shot.

There are plenty of tutorials and examples out there about flat lays which will prove useful. What I learnt about attending this photography class was flat lays however big or small the subject you are taking a picture of playing with backgrounds, texture colour lighting and positioning these rules still apply.

I do enjoy using the flat lay photo when it comes to products. But I only use this style sparingly. Less is more and flooding an editorial online or in a magazine, a page can sometimes look too overcrowded. If that’s the intention, then taking time to place objects in the flat lay can make or break the final story or look.

Like anything I do when designing or taking pictures, trial and error can make some interesting photos.

Also, this experience has taught me to still continue to try out different techniques and not to shy away from using those manual settings on my camera.

Thank you

Fujifilm | Photographer – Jamie Stoker | Fashion & Celebrity Director – Josh Newis-Smith and InStyle Magazine.

When creating your flat lay what are the signature style or objects you must have in your photos?


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