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Wax Ring Jewellery Workshop

Last December was a crazy busy month for me and getting content up on Digital Fluidity was challenging yet rewarding. As well as celebrating Christmas, I managed to squeeze in two activities one ‘The Dark Rooms | Photography Masterclass’ with Fujifilm & Living Etc. masterclass but also later the very same day a jewellery making workshop.Haven’t designed or made a piece of jewellery before. Apart from stringing beads together to make a necklace, my knowledge of how to design and carve out of wax looked like an interesting concept. I’m sure this method of making jewellery has been used and known for many years, for me I wanted to try something new.After a morning of practising how to take interior design photos like a pro, my mind had to change gear and concentrate on more intricate work. But I was up for the challenge and it would be interesting to see what I and others created at the workshop.

The wax ring workshop was held at the Geffrye Museum East London and organised by jewellery Designer Emma Aitchison. Emma describes her work as “bold and stylish with a fresh experimental vision for what handcrafted jewellery and accessory can be”, she has a strong sustainable ethos and has worked with many human rights organisations like fair trade and No Dirty Gold (NDG) campaigns.

She believes “jewellery should not be a contributing factor to the harming of the planet or to humans”As Emma talked us through the different stages, I could see the different approaches, methods of carving a ring out of wax you could apply depending on your final design.I was happy with the detailing and could see every shape, mark and texture made with the tools when shaping the wax.

I think more time getting to know how much you can and can’t do with wax would have helped to understand the making process, as well as more time planning the ring’s design.

I had a great time carving and shaping and learning the techniques of making jewellery. A couple of hours for me just wasn’t enough time if you haven’t made jewellery this way before.

I was only disappointed in my abilities, but I shouldn’t be too hard on myself. Just needed more time to design and carve what I wanted the finished piece to look like.

Want to make your own Jewellery? What would be your inspirational idea when creating a Jewellery piece be about?

Thank you to Emma Aitchison. For further information about the workshops.


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