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Sandwich Fest | Hackney, London – 20/05/2017

After travelling to New York last year, I knew I was going to discover and sample some tasty street food New York has to offer. And boy I wasn’t disappointed. Just wished I had more time to taste more. If you are stumped for ideas on what to eat when visiting the Big Apple have a look through my blog post ‘New York Take Out Take Away’ for some of my favourites. So, to my pleasant surprise seeing more and more street food culture popping up in London. Everyone is following this trend which looks like not fading anytime soon. Carnaby Street are hosting free entry to their food festival on the 3rd of June.

Kerbfood are on my list of places to try out, they also have a line-up of street vendors at their Noshville 2017 with more mouth-watering food to sample.The Sandwich Fest in Hackney is just that a sandwich festival. But the sandwich as we know it has come a long way from cucumber sandwiches with the crusts cut off.

Of course, we went there for the food and drink, but we didn’t expect to not only to eat but to also vote for your favourite signature sandwich. You can see the dilemma, right? Either stick with just eating one sandwich or exercise your right to vote and eat a few to compare. A few drinks and sandwiches later. I had two clear winners but only one token to vote with.

Apart from the unpredictable UK weather, I would have welcomed more seating for people. I enjoyed my first time at the Sandwich Fest. What I liked about the Sandwich Fest, even though it was a small venue it was organised ticketed event and the variety of sandwiches were welcomed.

For further information: Sandwich Fest

Are you into food trucks and street food? Internationally which do you recommend I try out soon?


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