Shoreditch to Croydon


Boxpark London

Been going to Shoreditch Boxpark for some years now. I go mainly for the food and the boutique retail pop-up shops. So I was excited to hear when Boxpark was going to extend and build in Croydon.

I do think Boxpark Croydon is a very different space to Shoreditch. Where Shoreditch has more history the food, retail stores as well as the music space; Croydon is primarily focusing on being a music venue. I did go when it was early lunch time, so with hardly anyone around, so it was easy to manoeuvre around even in amongst the crowds.

The familiar pedestrian black and white crossing branding is in full force and effect in the design of the Croydon Boxpark, which I think works well in the space. With Croydon station literally next door to the venue, getting to and from is very straightforward.

There is a wider selection of pop-up café, restaurants and social drinking spots. With the large communal park bench area which is in the centre courtyard, you and your friends will never have to ask who wants pizza, India, Chinese, Thai. No problem, everyone can eat, choose from a variety of cuisines nearby.

Based on the one visit, I can see this being a very successful and much-needed entertainment venue for the area. But I have to say, I do have a soft spot for Shoreditch for the art, retail pop-ups as well as the other surrounding restaurants and shops nearby.

If you want a bigger selection of food, I think Croydon Boxpark is the one best suited for you. I will definitely be returning.

What places for music, food and shops do you recommend?


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