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Brunch at The Brickwood – Coffee and Bread


One thing that determines if I am going to like a place; become a returning customer, is measured by either the restaurant or cafe do a good breakfast or burger.

The Brickwood, which has three/four cafes in SW London, have the typical up cycle, corrugated metal look, which is the popular trend for restaurants and cafes at the moment.

The interior design style is very much in the now of combining the materials around you, Exposed bricks, and corrugated wall panelling alongside industrial style fixtures and fittings which are a popular look for a few coffee and restaurant places.

As I have been to a fair few places to eat, you would think I would tire of this look. But I embrace it. Rustic yet welcoming. Now what I like and feel Brickwood Bread & Coffee have got it right and understood, simply throwing raw materials in a space is a real creative skill of style and detail. So I can see the interior design ideas have been thought out.

Many years growing up in the South of London, it was unheard of having a Shoreditch in the South of London.

South London is more popular than ever to live and run a business like Brickwood. Within the short amount of time more and more cafes, restaurants are flooding to the area.

Brickwood-Cafe-v8 Brickwood-Cafe-Local-Market Brickwood-Cafe-v7Worth the wait. Great service. The recycled decor, made this place feel welcoming from the get go. Since I last time I revisited Brickwood is getting more and more popular. And I can see why. I enjoyed the atmosphere, service and laid back style as well as the food.

The upcycled lived in look is a popular style, but more importantly, all the interior design styling can’t disguise if the menu isn’t up to much.Brickwood-Cafe-v10


I’m a bit of a creature of habit when it comes to food. Besides a good burger, I can say brunch comes right on the top of my favourite foods to eat, especially on the weekend.

I would recommend the breakfast with Smokey bacon, hash brown nuggets scrambled eggs and sourdough bread. So good.


Rustic Upcycled, exposed brick with a combination of wooden stencil numbered tables. If you can get there earlier enough, they have added more sofa space for bigger groups.


Coffee to take away, a meeting place to see your friends, or simply a full weekend breakfast, The Brickwood in South London is certainly worth stopping by for. I enjoyed the atmosphere, laid back style accompanied by simple and tasty food.

Let me know what your go to weekend brunch is and why you love it there in the comments below?


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