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Tour, Tee & Toast with Fashion Designer Christopher Raeburn

It’s not every day you get a chance to meet the fashion designer behind the fashion collection. Christopher Raeburn is a great supporter of small businesses and regularly works with charities and a has recently collaborated with Italian fashion brand Exkite.

I met up with British Fashion Designer Christopher Raeburn to see what all the Tour, Tee, and Toast is all about.Just after arriving at the Remade Hackney studios I sensed from first impressions the tall Christopher Raeburn was a relaxed and playful character who is approachable and welcoming.

This playfulness was very apparent within the Hackney based studio. Displayed were Inflatable animals, leather Mickey Mouse and patchwork gorillas are just the norm at Remade.  


The tour of the studio is very much about showing not just the collections but the concepts, philosophy/ethos behind the business.

Every designer has a story, what makes them do what they do, what drives them. Christopher definitely from an early age put the pieces of his childhood and years of study and has focused his ideas on deconstruction and reconstruction of garments and fabrics.

Before the tour began, we were given the back story of the previous Burberry Textile factory and how Christopher turned around workshop to rent that had no floor.

My interpretation of The Christopher ‘Remade’ Raeburn brand was not to totally reinvent the wheel, but to simply use the structure of an already existing functional garment by reshaping and adding to it. For example, keeping the stitching and cords from a silk parachute as part of the design. Creating multiple pieces out of one garment, like a jacket that can be detached from a back panel into a backpack. SS18 collection inspiration taken from ‘The Long Walk’ by Salvomir Rawicz Throughout the tour of the studio, we were encouraged to ask questions anytime throughout the evening.

From Christopher’s achieves he showed us one of his findings from an old-world war two military jacket he bought several years ago.

I asked: “What was the most unusual object you have found in a second-hand garment?”

Christopher: “Good question. Within the military, jackets/uniforms it was common to have a hidden pocket to carry your teaspoons or tools.”


As part of the remade tour, we were given the opportunity to get creative by transferring some of Christopher Raeburn’s known shapes, characters and symbols onto our own graphic tees.

We were offered a choice of T shirts in different colours and sizes and also helped with the application once we finally decided on the design layout.


All this talking and creativity can be thirsty work. The tour ended with Prosecco and a local brew provided by – Toast Brewed with Bread.

Thank you – To Christopher Raeburn and the staff at the Remade Studio for a very informative and fun tour.


Christopher Raeburn

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