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Publications everywhere, there are so many to choose from. Where to begin. I do enjoy returning to magazines and publication that let the pictures do the talking.

Cereal and Kinfolk are partially good at this, they have a way of capturing stillness and calm within each story they publicise.

Just placed a new book order for yet another design, creative lifestyle type of book. You know the kind you want to look good on your bookshelf but actually, do refer to for some inspiration. After going to a book launch this week which I tweeted about from the SCP store London.

You can guarantee whenever I go to a bookstore I will naturally gravitate to the art, design and photography section.

When I was studying for my Degree in Graphic Design, I was excited every Thursday to see what design books the bookseller had in stock.

Fashion, Interior Design, photography and lifestyle are what I have the most of on my bookshelf. Since creating Digital Fluidity, I have slightly steered away from the coffee table design books for the more practical and informative.

  1. Women in this Town | 2. A Beautiful Mess – Photo Idea Book | 3. Kinfolk Magazine – Art, Culture, Fashion and Travel

365 Blog Topic Ideas | by Dana Fox

Blogging & Photography

There are plenty of useful blogging advice here online the Dana Fox’s 365 Blog Topic Ideas for example. Great book to get out of your writer’s block for ideas on blogging topics when you are running out of ideas.

Another quick reference I flick through now and again is the book for not just photo Ideas, but also lifestyle ideas is a book by A Beautiful Mess – Photo Idea Book. Even though they are more arts and crafts and not the style and direction of digital fluidity I’m aiming for, there are still good straight forward talking tips and tricks about how to light, set up your subject and what to photograph if you run out of inspiration.

There are so much more books and magazines I haven’t even mentioned or have yet to discover.

Here are a few I love and would recommend:

Publications list

Interior design – Elle Decoration | Wallpaper Magazine

Graphic Design/Blogging – Creative Review | Blogosphere Magazine

Lifestyle/Fashion – Kinfolk | Cereal |  Suitcase Magazine | Frankie Magazine

 Check out the Destination Travel – alternative Guides where I lust over travel guides publications.

What publications do you refer to for some creative inspiration? What books have you read lately that have made a lasting impression on you?


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