Pretty Ugly


Nail polish colour trends, where ugly can be pretty.


Pretty-Ugly-Expresso-Line-OPI-v2Pretty-Ugly-OPI-Embrace-The-Gray Top: OPI – Get In the Expresso Lane. Bottom: OPI – Embrace The Grey.

What is an ugly colour? Those, shades that don’t quite seem they will work with your skin tone, the ones that clash with your style and wardrobe. The polishes that always end up in the clearance bin, unloved and abandoned.

But for some of those reasons, is precisely why I love ugly nail polish. Edgy, unusual, an alternative to that typical post box vampy red.

Ugly-Pretty-Polishes-Part-3Left to right: Sally Hansen 702 Ever Green. Top Shop - Tidal and Essie - Truth or 

From putty grey to muddy browns, the return of not so pretty shades of nail polish colours is back. Did this trend ever go away? Even if you are a not a fan of those questionable shades of green, amongst the ugly colours, there are shades that are flattering and complimentary, no matter your skin tone. Honest!

Pretty-Ugly-ColoursLeft to Right: OPI - Uh Oh Roll Down the Window. Illamasqua - Bacterium. Top Shop - 
Naked and OPI Orange You Stylish

A trend that has always been in the fashion magazines is military colours and shades from greyed out pastels too, muddy moss greens, this trend has managed to make its way on the nail polish runways.

Before you dismiss those unflattering questionable browns and putrid greens, try finding a shade or tone within a family of those colours.

Over time you will realise, not every shade is going to work with your skin tone, hair colour etc. But there is always that one shade that will complement you.

Convinced? What colour will you try? Let me know in the comments.


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