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Paris sticker designs | creative or a nuisance?

Paris is multicultural diverse place steeped in history and art. Love how this is reflected in the art, graffiti and style.
In Paris, there was a lot of sticker and labelling. More of a grunge a comedic feel in the way graffiti artists create their designs compared to New York graffiti artists.It seems no place is off limits; this is a great way for the small business or independent artists to send out an instant message. I can see this as a form of tagging in some cases. For others, it can be seen more of a nuisance

When I studied graphic design many moons ago, I started thinking more outside of the box when it came to designing. I originally started with the intention of becoming a fashion designer and even studied bespoke tailoring at London College of Fashion.

Since then I choose the graphic design route, as this potentially could take me in many directions in my career I haven’t even considered.

Many experiences and a new website later, as I travelled I focused more on what others are doing in design.

If you were to design a label or sticker, what would it be and where would you place it?

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