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Diamonds & Spinners | SMUG WORKSHOP

Now and again I do feel the urge to be creative and be more hands on. So why not take the leap into the world of origami. What better way to learn than going to a workshop.

I choose the SMUG Workshop – Diamonds & Spinners as this was the ideal small craft origami beginners class workshop to start to learn the basics. Run by Esther Thorpe of Origami Est and hosted by I Feel ‘SMUG’ a stationery and crafts shop in Camden Passage, Islington.A small group of us were presented with a table of an assortment of craft paper, scissors, rulers and glue to start creating diamond and spinner paper decorations. After I created my first diamond paper ornament, I quickly realised, patience and accuracy slow wins the race with origami. I quickly realised choosing craft paper that strong and thin for me worked best as each fold quickly creates bulk with each fold, crease and layer.

The origami workshop reminded me of a bakery croissant workshop I went to a couple of years in Paris. The principles were kind of similar starting off with the basic fold foundations of layering to build simple to complex shapes.

Once you have completed your first origami, you feel relieved that you didn’t make too many mistakes. But after the second, third, fourth attempt all that anxiety to make a perfect paper ornate origami is quickly forgotten as you start getting more creative with different colours and style variations.

Apart from learning a new skill, I’ve learnt that trying something new doesn’t mean perfection first time, learning is part of the enjoyment and experience.

What new skill have you learnt recently? Why did you decide to learn that new skill? Would love to read your comments in the comments below.


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