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Instagram Masterclass Food Photography

If you can tell from reading the posts here at Digital Fluidity, I love photography. I thought it would be a great experience to attend an Instagram Masterclass with food photographer and writer Giulia Mulè hosted at Timmy Green – Nova Food in London.

Giulia showed us the basics of how to take the perfect shot focusing on lighting, composition and props. The aim of the masterclass was to get a great flat lay photo like the ones’ you see on Instagram. I do love a flat lay photo, but for me, I only use flat lay photography sparingly. Sometimes a flat lay image isn’t always the appropriate photo method to take depending upon the object.

Food photography is a great example that a flat lay can sometimes lose some interesting dimensions to food. Some vegetables or fruit look better when photographed at another angle.

Example a pineapple has many sharp shapes to it, even though it can look interesting from a bird’s eye point of view, by experimenting with different positioning of your camera, you can be more experimental and end up with some nice photography. Not only were we shown how to take flat lays, we had the opportunity to take photos using some of the techniques taught to us, altering filters using apps, moving the food, plates glasses and cutlery to create the desired look. Trimmy Green Chef in the kitchen preparing our meal for the Instagram flat lay

I’m familiar with some of the techniques used in framing and setting up a photo. Honestly, most of the way I take photos is instinctual. The workshop is a great introduction for those who want to know how to get that perfect flat lay.

Thanks to:

Nova Food | Create Victoria | Daisy Green Collection – Trimmy Green and Giulia Mulè for a great event.

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