On Reflection


The year that was 2017

Well, that was an eventful year. It’s so easy to forget the wonderful places and people I have met in 2017.

What I love about writing and reflecting upon previous years I have blogged about, is it shows how much I have achieved in a few months and more importantly what I can achieve if I put my mind to it.

At the end of 2016 going into the beginning of 2017, I wanted to create more content for Digital Fluidity. I had no idea where and how I would achieve this.

The challenges I had experienced in 2016 where very different to when I first started blogging. Working full time and keeping the Digital Fluidity brand going was the biggest challenge, which I think I now have a handle on most of the time but there is always room for improvement. Once I got myself into a more manageable and scheduling blog posts I could see what worked and didn’t for content.

Nominated for Blogosphere Community Awards 2017One of the biggest things I have learnt is engaging and developing as an individual. Meeting people, brands and widening my skill expertise has taught me I can do anything once I put my mind to it.

For too many years I have let others dictate how my job or career should be. I have learnt that it is ok to be in control of how I want my future should be. 

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