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Two Creatives Share Their Open Storage Ideas.

When it comes to storage ideas for your home, you are spoilt for choice. The decision to choose an open shelf or a fireplace mantel place to show what you have is a deliberate choice.

To some, it can seem cluttered and overwhelming to have everything on show. You can be seen as a collector rather than a hoarder. But with a theme and a few carefully selected pieces, it can look stunning.

There has definitely been a shift of style when it comes to storage from completely hiding everything you own in cupboards to a turnaround to displaying on open shelves and coffee tables. In fact, the more you display the better.

The homes of Louisa Warfield and Angela Bunt, even though they have two very noticeably different styles when it comes to their home décor, in common together they both enjoy displaying their collectables. They say it loud and say it proudly, it shows their past present and possible feature styles. Their storage is very visible, unapologetic and dominates their individual space, characters and interior design styling.

Louisa Warfield’s Home

If you are going to display your stuff, it’s advisable to colour match or organise those items also. Grouping is key with similar colours, textures, materials or shapes.

Leaving little space for a cup of coffee. Side tables stacked with books candles and ornaments but make a great presentation.

Angela Bunt’s Home

Placing items that contradict in style, texture and colour, make the biggest impact and fill the space with interest.

You could say they are in the business of art, interiors so using their immediate space makes sense as they can showcase and this gives an idea what Louisa and Angela’s client might expect to see.

For us, it is like a security blanket that keeps us safe. Having and seeing our prize possessions on display gives us a welcome home hug after a long hard day. Reminds us what we have seen, or have achieved.

I do enjoy displaying. Yes, it means more dusting and more thought going into what works well together. But trying out a small area in your home can make the biggest difference without fully committing to redecorating or following the latest trends.

What ideas will you take from Angela or Louisa’s on display style living? Let me know in the comments below.

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Angela Bunt | Louisa Warfield


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