Mary Katrantzou at the Hotel Café Royal


London Craft Week 2017

It was my first time attending last week’s London Craft Week. So, what better way to start to meet up for a discussion with fashion designer Mary Katranstzou at the Hotel Café Royal – London.

Samantha Conti from Women’s Wear Daily discussed with Mary her influences, creative and technical processes when creating her collections for her clients. Also what where the challenges she has faced running a fashion business today? Crafting fashion: Mary Katrantzou (Right) and Samantha Conti (Left) at The Hotel Cafe Royal Hand & Lock who have been making specialising in goldwork, tambour beading, silkshading, monogramming for over 250 years, have worked with many designers like Mary Katrantzou, to create individual bespoke pieces for their collections.

At the end of the London Craft Week and after attending a few more events, I heard the same company names come up in conversation when it came to using traditional and new methods in the craft, fashion and design industries.

More and more designers like Mary are encouraging companies who have been making their craft for hundreds of years in the traditional way, to collaborate and to try new technology when working on their runway collections.

The Discussion

  • Laser cutting technology. Hollow graphics image creating change in movement
  • Collaborating with companies like Swarovski crystal to create 3D embellishments and innovative bespoke embroidery by Hand & Lock.
  • Building relationships and understanding her clients, evolving collections, changing preconceptions about her clients. How clients actually wanted to wear her clothes.
  • Using traditional techniques with modern technology app, printing
  • Silicon Valley – Evolving, technology, new collection. Being innovative
  • Using collage to pattern cutting to create the silhouette. Precision engineering. Fabric. Textiles. Artwork.
  • Evolving, last minute changes to create new and challenging ideas
  • Disney audience understanding and adapting different target audience from her own
  • Research suppliers, quality control standards
  • Working with Disney. Non-fashion applying and adopting different quality control methods to her work.
  • Working with traditional craft Techniques in construction seeing how they can be approved.
  • Importance of the narrative of the collection, the story

Did you manage to attend any of the events, tours, seminars over the London Craft week? Who did you see and what was discussed?

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