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With Made by Mrs M at Creative Happy London

Happy Friday 13th. I’m not superstitious so will happily walk under ladders and towards black cats. In fact, I have been very productive for the past few days with events, workshops and masterclasses. Feeling very fortunate and not superstitious.

As part of my DIY projects around my home, I knew at some point lighting and styling would be part of the interior design ideas I had in mind for my home.

Last weekend, I attended a lampshade workshop hosted by Textile designer Kate Marsden from Made by Mrs M and Creative Happy London arts and craft collective.

Like the Colour Splash – Screen printing workshop I went to recently, I wanted to see how a shade was actually made. Sure, I could have easily bought a shade, but where’s the fun in that?

I opted to choose my own fabric that would work best with the colour scheme I had in mind. I purchased a slate grey velour velvet style material from John Lewis were very helpful and advised to make sure if making the fabric into a lamp to have it fire guarded.

When looking for the right fabric, making sure it was a cotton or poly-cotton that wasn’t too stretching and lightweight was important as this affected the final construction and appearance of the shade.

Consider before making a shade is what type to have. A table lamp shade or a ceiling shade. By changing the posting of the lamp frame you can easily use the same lampshade kit for either preference. Keeping in mind also which direction your pattern will be positioned and if you will be adding any trimmings.

I learnt a lot from this workshop and would recommend as you can customise how you want the shade to look. Once you get past the fiddly stages of making the shade, it gets easier. Things get trickier when you make a larger shade it was advised to get an extra pair of hands to help you.

Thank you to Kate for showing me the techniques and skills to make more shades for my home.

For more information: Made by Mrs M.


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