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zoeva-brushes-v10So I completely overlooked that I had one of those top up cards you take with you on holiday for your Euros, Dollars etc.To my surprise and delight, I had some money left over from my holiday in Paris over a year ago.

So what was missing I didn’t have or was wanting to replace? I hardly wear makeup, but I always looking for quality but at the same time don’t want to spend the earth either. Especially on makeup tools.

So my research began. All the popular brands are popular for a reason, but I felt were too expensive and I wanted my money’s worth.

As you do, I compared, read reviews, and watched many YouTube videos. The Germany brand Zoeva came up a few times. So based on value for money, brushes I needed and would use I felt this was a good entry-level for good quality makeup brusheszoeva-brushes-v9zoeva-brushes-v8 zoeva-brushes-v7

I choose the brush set called the vegan face set. Been trying out some foundations, and wanted to make sure the foundation was applied with the best brushes I could afford possible.

Zoeva seems to pride themselves with the majority of cruelty-free products, made at affordable prices without losing quality.

I placed my order via Beauty Bay, but you can also order directly from their site and I believe you receive with the brush sets a dust bag.

zoeva-brushes-v6The faux leather pink lined zip wallet is well constructed and the zip is sturdy. I was confident in using to store the brushes in without fear of damaging the fastening. Plastic sleeves for the larger brushes was a nice touch to keep the shape.


142 / Concealer Buffer -110 / Face Shape -102 / Silk Finish

104 / Buffer - 105 / Powder - 128 / Cream Cheek

104 / Buffer – 105 / Powder – 128 / Cream Cheek


Overall, I’m very happy with my purchase. Love beauty? Check out Vol: 1 – Beauty Edit happy reading

Q: Do you own any Zoeva brushes? If you only could use one Zoeva brush which one would it be and why?

Would love to know.


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