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Been on a high-end kick for lately. As well as wanting to try the best of; I wanted to try out good quality products that would hopefully work for me and I would like. I work hard, so rewarding yourself is alright to do now and again.

I still will buy drugstore, but I have been curious lately to see what the hyped beauty products are worth purchasing were about. I can appreciate that some things contribute to the high price tag, packaging and ingredients do effect what is worth trying out, so after many hours of research and testing, I have been happy so far with my latest purchases.

As I don’t wear makeup daily, the most I do is fill in my eyebrows, eyeliner and some powder. When making my decision on buying higher end makeup, I primarily focus on what I felt was missing from my makeup routine.


Loreal True Match Foundation

When buying a foundation especially with the colour choices available, I tend to match my neck, which is darker. Overall, the Loreal colour match in 8N cappuccino was the best match as I am more tanned in the summer. It is a good medium to full coverage foundation. I just need to get good at applying foundation so it won’t look baked and cooked on my oily skin.


NARS Matte pencil lipstick

Another popular high-end lipstick. After being impressed with NARS since using their eye primer, thought it was time to try one of their popular matte pencil lipstick.

I can now see why this is many people’s favourite. It is smooth and having a lipstick is a compact option for travelling, minus the sharpener.

I choose the colour walkyrie, I think this will work well as transitional colour into the autumn.

Loving-Right-Now-v7Loving-Right-Now-v8 Loving-Right-Now-v9

The Laura Mercier Translucent powder

A great finely milled powder with a soft subtle yellow tone worked well for my skin tone. Even though I could have spent another few pounds on the loose powder which was more cost effective. I went the compact route, as I was travelling in September, and could do with less bulk to carry. So far loving it. And I can easily see myself purchasing the loose powder very soon.

NARS Creamy concealer

Now I can get away with a tan and no concealer, but in the cooler months of Autumn and Winter, my dark circles show more. So finally after many reviews later, I opted for the NARS creamy concealer, I have heard many raves about.

Before Space NK matched me and where I purchased my first NAR makeup product from, I cherry picked the concealer in the colour caramel. Luckily this suited me the best, wasn’t too light, it was the right tone. In no way, like I have seen people who go several shades lighter. After a successful Space NK makeup/staff assistant colour matching session, I need to lock that concealer in. Especially on my oily/combination skin.


Maybelline Matte Liquid Liner

I love a good cat eye. So the hunt for an eyeliner that had to be matte, easy to apply was a must. With oil eyelids, by the end of the working day, I might as well of used a marker pen. Not the look I was aiming for.

I think I will always be looking and experimenting and trying out new eyeliner. The Maybelline Matte liquid liner is great for creating fine, broad and accurate lines.Summer-Edit-2016-Test

 Diptque | Philosykos

Since being on this spending high-end products mood, I think it started with wanting a new fragrance. I still enjoy my Stella McCartney and J’dore, lately, they have been temporarily pushed to one side for Diptque in the fragrance Philosykos. It seems I have a new fragrance love, I didn’t know I would like the smell of fig.

As I have the travel size perfume de toilette, I can see this not lasting throughout my holiday.

Are you trying out higher end makeup for the first time? What products have worked or not for you? Would love to hear what your favourites are.


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