Loving Right Now | Spring 2017


MAST Chocolate | Essie | County Living & HAY Matches

Yes, the Spring seasons is back. Well, judging the weather from where I am in overcast London, Spring is still somewhat arms reach away. When spring doesn’t look as bright, I turn to the things that make me smile. And of course, it has to be creative and or design related.Been grabbing inspiration from interior design and packaging lately. Pastels will always return with colour trends every spring season. But there seems to be a back to simplicity and basics of late.

If you have been checking out digital fluidity Pinterest board, you will see what I have been enjoying contemporary and rustic interior design styles for some time. Once again, it’s about getting back to simple easy no fuss living space which is what I am loving right now and I think I’m hoping to inspire too with my lifestyle. Whenever I want to kill some time, a good flick through a magazine is favourable. Been enjoying Country Living’s Modern Rustic issue 7, is one of those coffee table publications that is all about that fuss free, rustic yet modern lifestyle we hope to aim for. Well maybe just for some of us. Using basic household matches in dull packaging to light your candles is no longer expectable. These extra long matches designed Schneck & Zweigbergk for Hay Mini Market, make lighting candles a more enjoyable experience. The textile screen print effect on the box is a nice touch to a very basic household product. Simple geometric graphic shapes on food packaging like MAST Brothers Chocolate. As well as the chocolate tasting good, their packaging design is pretty awesome too. Visually pleasing and inviting as well as tactile. You know it’s spring when I bring out the pop of colour on my nails. Essie’s chills & thrills it certainly does that. An eye-catching colour somewhere between a blue and a purple. Gorgeous! Judging by the traditional spring colours, pastel colours in fashion is clearly not disappearing too soon. Been loving my recent gift of the three seto bangles from Oliver Bonas is one of those re-wearable pieces of jewellery I can see myself wearing throughout the year.

I’m not one of those people who follow trends to the letter, but I do see how some of the spring 2017 colours like Pantone Greenery can filter into our home décor or fashion style.

For me taking small parts of any trend, mixing it up and making it your own is key.

What have you been loving right now for spring 2017? If you could choose one spring trend, what would it be and why?


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