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Worth the Hype Products. Skindinavia | Laura Mercier | Chanel | Estee Lauder

I know makeup can be expensive. But now and again there are products that I have used for a few months which I feel are worth the hype.

I have always said and still believe that you should only buy high-end makeup if you know that you will use that product fairly regularly. I use to be one of those consumers who purchased a high-end lipstick in a colour that I might wear in the summer. Or worse, was precious about burning that high-end candle because I wanted it to look pretty on the mantelpiece or bathroom shelf. The whole point is buying products that last longer, wear better and works for your everyday lifestyle. Those are the deciding factors when I choose to buy ‘high-end makeup’. I know you are paying for the brand, for some and not always, you are buying better ingredients as well as that eye-catching luxurious packaging.
Estee Lauder – Double Wear Stay – In – Place Makeup 5W2 Rich Caramel. It definitely does stay in place. I found some drugstore foundation transfer after a few hours, I like that this almost melts into my skin. For a higher end product, it isn’t the most expensive foundation out on the market. Just be careful not to over apply as the foundation can be noticeable so blending in well is important to get a more flawless finish.Laura Mercier – The much-loved brand has a few winning products up their sleeves that many are using and since I used the original translucent powder to set my concealer, I can happily say and announce Laura has a medium deep for darker skin ladies and gentlemen. Hurray!

I thought this setting powder was going to appear too orange on my olive tone complexion, but this was surprisingly blending in well and kept me looking semi-matte. Depending on how deep your complexion is,  this is more of an overall setting powder for me than a brightening under the eye which is what it was intended for. Feels great on the skin and works with my foundations or on its own. Skindinavia – Known for their setting sprays and working with brands like Urban Decay, after painstakingly putting your make up on, you want it to stay on for at least the majority of the day. I recommend for oily skin like mine the Makeup Finishing Spray – Oil Control. It won’t keep you looking super matte, more of a healthy glow. More importantly, it will keep that makeup on at least until the end of the day or evening.Chanel – Now I was a bit intimidated initially when purchasing my first Chanel product, so I went to a local Boots Chanel counter instead so I can try out and test. Again, I wanted to have a product that I would use and not to just look pretty on my vanity. The Natural Finish Loose Powder works well. I would have liked to of seen a larger colour range, but the quality is there and the powder is not only finely milled which just melts into the skin, but also smells wonderful and luxurious.

Don’t get me wrong, I will always purchase drug store, but when you want to treat yourself now and again and you can afford to, then why not!

Makeup brushes: Part of Zoeva Vegan Face Set.

If you had to only buy from one high-end beauty brand, who would they be and which top three products would you continually buy from them? Would love to read your comments!



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