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It’s amazing what a brush can do for the application of makeup. For a while, I have just used cheap makeup brushes and wondered why my foundation looked caked on or applied unevenly.

These days a lot of thought has gone into makeup brush manufacturing designing what fibres work best for the shape and weight can make a difference to how makeup appears on the skin.

As well as the importance of having the hydrated skin I learnt the hard way and only recently realising my foundation, concealer and powder could look a lot more flawless if I used the right tools for the job.A practically like the brush sets like the Zoeva Face Set, which I talked about in ‘Loving Right Now | Zoeva Vegan Face Set’ is a great way to start using better quality brushes without too much strain on your budget.

The brushes I have selected are just a few that I will continue to use in the future not just to love right now. Having a good blending brush to buff in the foundation like the recently discovered Cover FX custom blending brush I was gifted from Space NK, makes the foundation apply across the skin appear more skin like and seamless.

We don’t want to ruin all of that work of applying foundation, so using a powder brush that lightly dusts the right amount of setting powder, makes a world of difference.

So what brushes do I recommend for the foundation, concealer and powder? The six brushes I have been using regularly have to do the job they have been described as, but also apply makeup well.Real Techniques – Stippling Brush – A popular drugstore entry level brush which is great if you want that airbrushed effect or light coverage, the Real Techniques Stippling Brush is not multi-functional but obtainable and inexpensive.

Cover FX Custom Blending Brush – A new brush in my makeup brush collection. This small accurate kabuki style brush makes light work of applying any foundation. It definitely smooths and buffs in the foundation, like using the Cover FX Custom blending brush with the NARS Velvet Matte Tint a perfect match.Zoeva – 142/ Concealer Buffer – This brush has made applying any Glossier, By Terry or NARS concealer I use effortlessly. I love this brush. I had to buy another backup. Gone are the days of dry and uneven concealer under the eye. Similar to the Cover FX but smaller, the Zoeva – 142/ Concealer Brush buffs in, without taking away and moving the concealer.

Zoeva – 226/Smudger – A brush designed to be used for getting that smoky eye look we know and love. I also use the Zoeva – 226 to define my concealer under my brow bone. The flat and rounded edge of this small brush for me is perfect for shaping under and over my eyebrows with concealer without it looking too severe.

Powder – CHANEL POUDRE UNIVERSELLE LIBRE Natural Finish Loose Powder.

Dior – Backstage Pro Powder Brush – Life has never been the same since applying powder using the Dior – No 14 Backstage Pro Powder Brush. It picks up just the right amount and distributes powder beautiful across the skin. I have used many powder brushes, but haven’t realised that part of the problem is the brush you are using can cake on those setting powders like if you were wearing self-raising flour!

Zoeva – 106/Powder Brush – This is another favourite brush for applying powder and a better price point if you want a backup brush that isn’t going to made cheaply but still affordable. I like to use the Zoeva – 106/Powder Brush to dust away any excess powder, the shorter handle makes holding this brush a more comfortable experience.

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Which out of the six brushes have you tried and love? If you haven’t which of the brushes do you own and why do you enjoy using it?


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