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When it comes to my skincare, I don’t have major skin concerns. I do have that annoying oily combination skin that is dry in places yet oily in others. But I have lived with my skin for quite some time now and know how it reacts to different environmental conditions.

I haven’t been into skincare for a while and was on the fence about some using some skin care products. A year later my skin is more moisturised and feels supple. What has changed from then till now? Been using Kiehl’s skincare products.

When I first introduced myself to Kiehl’s skincare products, it was last September leaving New York’s JFK airport. I had some time to kill before we boarded our flight. So, there was plenty of spare time to wondered over to the duty-free shops. Kiehl’s was one of those many skincare brands I have heard bloggers, YouTubers and beauty influencers rave about. As I had a few dollars remaining to spend, I purchased the travel sized kit from their popular Ultra Facial range.

The main changes in my skin tend to be from summer to autumn when my skin is the most irritable. I have read that oily skin types are also in need of moisture, so the challenge was to find a cream, cleanser or toner that didn’t block my pores or add more grease to my already shiny complexation.

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Summer sun in New York did dry my skin out a little, using the Ultra cream, toner, midnight recovery concentrate and eye cream hopefully would bring back the moisture to my skin.

After a few weeks of using Kiehl’s Ultra and Midnight Recovery, I realised how dehydrated my skin actually was and noticed a big improvement on my skin. The skin around my cheeks wasn’t as dry and overall my skin felt softer and noticeable plumper.

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A year later and several repeat purchases, I have seen a big change in my skin. Where on occasion I would ignore what my skin was telling me I now pay more attention and switch up my skincare routine accordingly.

Changes I have made to my skincare routine:

Used an eye cream – Makes a big difference to the appearance of concealer. The skin under and around my eyes was dry and applying any concealer looked dry, flaky and cakey.

Using oil at night – The biggest difference and change was applying oil at night. In the morning, my skin wasn’t tight dry or patchy and applying foundation went on more smoothly.

Mixing it up – When it comes to the warmer months I find using the Ultra Facial Toner a bit too much and slightly clogged my pores when I applied the Ultra Facial Cream together. What worked for me was to change the toner to the oil-free to hydrate balance and freshen my skin.

Now that my skin is far more balanced I feel my skin can handle any weather condition it encounters, and my makeup doesn’t look cakey anymore.

If you haven’t used Kiehl’s products before and are wondering what you should try first I would highly recommend the Midnight recover concentrate oil. A bit pricey, but you only need a few drops a little goes a long way. A great lightweight oil and is suitable for different skin types.

Let me know what your favourite Kiehl’s products are? What do you want to try out next from their range?


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