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Drugstore to Luxury – Garnier | E45 | Aesop | Jo Malone

My old enemy heat rash has come back in full force this summer, along with allergies has made my skin very irritable and dry.

When I buy skincare products I like to know it will lock in moisture throughout the day and keep my skin hydrated. What I have noticed with my skin that it would get super dry very quickly spending most of my day reapplying lotions throughout the day was common.

So understandably I have been a little bit more focused on my skin care lately.

As I am finally coming to the end of this prickly heat, I have found these skin care products have helped me survive the symptoms I’m experiencing.


Garnier Oil Beauty Oil-Infused Nourishing Lotion – This has to be my favourite go-to daily staple lotion. Infused with four oils Argan, Macadamia, almond and rose, this non-greasy non-sticky lotion just melts into the skin and helps keep your skin moisturised. Been using this for over a year now and was a welcomed relief for my irritated skin and works even better on just out of the shower damp skin.

Dermatological E45 Intense Recovery Body Lotion – This was a lifesaver. Without this E45 I think I would have removed my skin completely off my body. The Intense Recovery E45 for very dry skin, give instant relief compared to some recommended drugstore prescribed creams I have found don’t work as well on me. Perfume free Inexpensive and lightweight.


Aesop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm – Aesop is one of those high-end luxury skincare brands I been wanting to try for some time but too scared to due to the high price tag. I bought the Mandarin Rind – Rosemary Leaf with Cedar Atlas balm before I had my summer rash. I wasn’t on the lookout for a luxurious skincare. But I was in the mood to spend that day in Space NK.

What I feared I ended up loving this hand balm. Even though I didn’t show hardly any symptoms on my hands from my prickly heat, I was in great need of pampering. This has a strong smell, but pleasant and unusual. At first, I thought this was a heavy greasy product, but this balm quickly absorbs into the skin leaving your hands feeling baby smooth.

Jo Malone Body Crème – Basil & Neroli – Already addicted to the Basil and Neroli cologne, it made the logical sense to see what other products in the same range were available. The 175 ml crème is one of the products my heat rash wouldn’t have liked due to the heavy consistency and a perfumed product. I thought no way this heavy perfume crème is going to help. Surprisingly due to the seed oil, shea butter in the body crème, even though not an essential purchase this did help towards the end of my recovery.

Those are the four skin care products I have been loving right now.

What is your favourite drugstore to high-end skin care body products you can’t live without?


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