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You know when you first sample a product your initial thoughts are normally the right ones? Soon as I tested out a few of the Aesop products, I knew this will fast be one of my favourite brands.

I have to admit what drew me towards this Australian skincare brand was their packaging. It reminds me of a laboratory or a retro hospital medicine cabinet. Very clinical and sterile. I have noticed plenty of skincare and beauty brands have gone down this laboratory-style design of black and white health and safety packaging.

When you enter any of their international stores the attention to detail is what Aesop is known for good ingredients used for their skin, hair and body care but also their minimalist concept spas and stores worldwide.

Above: Aesop Near Borough Market – London.Known for their attention to detail there is a high cost to pay. Aesop is not a cheap brand. I was one of those who would never spend £19 on a hand balm. When mentioned in my blog post ‘Loving Right Now | Crèmes, lotions & balms’ I was going through some major skin issues this year. I was on the hunt for a more soothing and longer lasting crème or balm to keep my skin happy and moisturised.

I have always treated skincare products as an afterthought until I had issues with prickly heat rash over the summer months took over my life.

Not only was my skin on my body playing up but also my hand crèmes weren’t keeping my hands soft any longer either. The Resurrection Aromatique hand balm was the first product that interested me.

When I tried out the hand balm, my first impression was the texture and the incredible mandarin citrus rind smell that permeated my senses. It was more of a fresh orange vineyard smell as opposed to a sickly sweet artificial smell which some similar products can sometimes dominate and end up becoming unpleasant.

Aesop display: Forest London.

Nice to sample to sample nice. Aesop gave me a few sachets of the rind concentrate body balm which I am looking forward to using.

Didn’t realise hand washes and cleansers were meant to leave your skin soft! Since combining the Aesop balm and hand wash together my hands have stayed softer for longer.

I realised I was using the hand balm daily on the go and at home so was getting through the 75ml size pretty fast. So, I took the plunge and picked up from the Aesop near Borough Market in London, the Resurrection Duet set which comes with the matching hand wash. The 500ml size doesn’t travel well but will happily sit on my vanity. Works out slightly cheaper and should last a lot longer too.

With any of the Aesop products, a little goes a long way. A very concentrated formula, I was most surprised with the Rose by Any Other Name Cleanser a few pumps from the dispenser is all you will need to wash your entire body. With prolonged use noticed my skin is balanced and even softer than before.

I’m even getting into skin care products for the body and also looking into body oils which helps to lock in the moisture after I shower. Could you recommend any I should try?

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Have you tried Aesop? What do you want to try from the brand next?




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  • lovelylittlethings

    I love Aesop! The resurrection hand balm and hand wash are my favourites! Will have to give the body cleanser a go. Lovely photos Heather!


    • digitalfluidity

      Thank you Jasmin. The cleanser makes your skin so soft. A luxury spa at home.