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home-body-fragrances-v16home-body-fragrances-v15The sense of smell is a powerful thing. Without it, we wouldn’t be able to know when we were in danger. The ability to detect when there is a fire or smoke or if our food was good enough to consume, taste.

I’ve been wanting lately to make my immediate space more appealing at least the smells I can control to some degree.

I get put off by smells quite easily, maybe travelling on public transport has made my sense of smell over heightened over the years. From good smells, annoying ones and the very unpleasant ones. A smell might be wonderful to one person, could be totally off-putting to another.

This year has to be the most varied to the kind of fragrances I have enjoyed.home-body-fragrances-v10home-body-fragrances-v9Your Mood can change too. I like how Cowshed – Knackered Cow – have marketed their products to tailor what you are feeling and what the product should do for you.
home-body-fragrances-v8home-body-fragrances-v7I always ask myself where I want the fragrance in the home to be in? What fragrance mood works best for that environment.home-body-fragrances-v3 home-body-fragrances-v2home-body-fragrances-v17

Good thing there is a lot out there for every taste. Been loving fragrance notes of musk, vanilla, basil, neroli and citrus.

I would advise to always to live with a fragrance to see if it works for you. The fragrance will react and give off a different armour on different people. So get samples wherever possible.

I’m not a fan of overpowering smells when I first walk through the door. But I don’t mind so much when I am relaxing and soaking in the bath tub.

What sense are you in the mood for? What fragrances do you recommend and what product? Looking forward to reading your suggestions in the comments below.


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