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My Go To Places In London


If you have noticed, I like taking photos. If I don’t have my camera equipment I’m forever snapping away on my camera phone. As I have lived in London all my life, I have narrowed down the places I always return to, especially if I want to shop, explore or simply watch and observe.

To see what equipment I use, check out ‘Point & Focus’ for a list of cameras that I use. To see more places I have travelled to, check out also the Travel Category at Digital Fluidity.

There so much to do and see in London, if I listed even just a few, we will be here for a while. Whilst I have chosen the busiest places in London, these are the places that if you get swamped and by the wave of crowds, you can easily, miss the creative, and interesting parts of the city. Colours, buildings. What’s in front of you, behind and above can easily get overlooked.

Covent Gardenout-about-london-v23out-about-london-v1out-about-london-v22

National Portrait Galleryout-about-london-v13 out-about-london-v18

Somerset Houseout-about-london-v12out-about-london-v8 out-about-london-v4out-about-london-v9

Tate Modern | The Switch HouseSwitch-House-Level-10-v6out-about-london-v6

Borough Marketout-about-london-v11 out-about-london-v7

Carnaby Street out-about-london-v21out-about-london-v2out-about-london-v20 out-about-london-v15out-about-london-v14 out-about-london-v5out-about-london-v3

For those who love London, I have lots of blog posts about the city like:

The Switch & Level 10 about London’s famous Tate Modern

Want to explore another part of London? How about East London’s Columbian Road or N1 London Camden Passage which I have written blog posts about.

Besides taking photos, the places I visited have a great atmosphere, I also like visiting these places for shopping, socialising and seeing art & design great exhibitions.

Tell me what places you return to and why? What places in London haven’t you been to and would like to? Let me know in the comments.


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