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Colour, art Culture of Modern Liverpool Today

Everyone has their own interpretation of what Liverpool is like. As I have been there many times as my boyfriend’s family is originally from Liverpool, visiting is only for a short amount of time. So every visit is a rush to make sure I get the most of my visit there, especially seeing art and culture.

Just like every place I have visited, I always look for the unexpected, and I defiantly did find the unexpected. Liverpool best know for its art, music, sport and industrialisation.
Tate Liverpool has embraced colour by adding orange and reds to the front of their building.Colour is not the first thought you have of when visiting Liverpool, but I did notice today’s Liverpool is a thriving art and design modern city, steeped with a rich history you can’t help but notice colour in the street art and some of the buildings.  I must admit, it wasn’t the first place in the UK that was calling to my attention. But having a half discovered awareness of Liverpool, got me intrigued to know more of the heart of the city’s art and culture. I don’t necessarily want a Wikipedia breakdown of every detail and history of a place. I like to see first hand with my own eyes and through my camera lens.

Don’t know that much about Liverpool’s art world, but I know there is a richly diverse culture that draws me near.

Are you from Liverpool? What could you recommend and must see when visiting? Would love to know your ideas in the comments below.


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