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My Favourite Colognes from Jo Malone

Been growing a small Jo Malone collection of colognes since the end of last year. Like most boutique shops, I was a little apprehensive, that I might be looked down upon for just browsing and not buying straight away.

But that was totally not my experience when I first visited a Jo Malone Boutique. The staff were nice, I didn’t feel pressured into buying, even when I tested and sampled half the store.

It’s just typical just as I want to take a short trip away and write this blog post I get sick. I’ve lost my appetite and I have almost lost my sense of smell. As I try to describe the lovely Jo Malone notes, it was almost impossible to describe the notes for each one. But I do appreciate and enjoy the different yet simple combinations of ingredients.I was introduced to a hand message quite swiftly. Aware that I was pressed for time on my lunch break, the staff were helpful and generously gave samples with my first purchase.Now I’m sure like me, you have some idea what perfumes or colognes you like to wear, but I would advise testing out the Jo Malone colognes on your skin, as even the ones I thought I liked in the bottle changed completely with my body chemistry. For example, I love the smell of Mimosa & Cardamom in the bottle, but on me, it kept changing and not in a good way.

layering fragrances are a way to create more variations, I know people say some fragrances or colognes don’t last, but I like the idea I can switch up a scent and reapply throughout the day to create a new cologne.

So, after a few visits and colognes purchased later here are my favourite Jo Malone colognes.
Left: English Pear & Freesia | Middle: Pomegranate & Noir | Right: GrapefruitLeft: Oud & Bergamot – Intense | Right: Basil & Neroli Samples with purchase, comes in handy when not knowing which one will suit your body chemistry or which one to buy next.

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Have you tried a Jo Malone Cologne? Which ones do you wear and what are your favourite layering combination?


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