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There was plenty of lighting designers from the 2017 London Design Festivals and events who interpreted many different ways to display and use lighting at home, work and commercial spaces.

One of the ways and obvious ways to include a brighter place is by adding a statement pendant light to the centre of the room. Long gone are the days that lights were there to merely light the room. Lighting is now treated like a piece of sculpture or painting.This was definitely apparent when I went to the recent design trade shows I saw and discussed trends in the blog posts ‘The pattern & the Bold’ and ‘Industrial Contemporary’.

With the longer and colder evenings upon us, we look forward to more comfortable and well-lit surroundings. I know that when days are like this I tend to stay home or indoors more and with the season holidays, making your surroundings lighter and brighter makes a huge difference to my mood. As we need light, why not making it a feature? From homes to public spaces, lighting is no longer an afterthought when designers create products for consumers or business.

Out of all of the design lighting trends, I have seen the one that works best and I feel won’t date, when constructed from metal and glass. Less colour to lighting design more emphasis is placed on shape and light itself for this style to stand the test of time.

I noticed in restaurant spaces in particular that having a mixture and cluster of different lights above key areas works well, especially if dividing up a large space into areas.

At home, this method could also work, have an open plan dining area with different pendant lights of one style but with similar materials in common creates interest and style to a room.

I love a wish list and I have compiled some of the styles and trends in product and lighting design for you to check out and shop.

Tell me what lighting effect or design do you think works best for a feature room in a dining area?


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