Level 10


All the way up to the top – the views from The Tate’s Switch House


level 10, latest views of London from the new Tate Modern’s Switch house is a great way to see the views of the river.

If your legs are up for the challenge make your way to the stairs to the top, a bit of a wait is inevitable to this popular grand building if taking the lift.

Due to the squared off pyramid architecture shape of the Switch house, you will find level 10 a lot narrower to navigate around, but don’t feel any way restricted.

Take your time, each side view is amazing. On one side, you can see behind the Tate Modern looking on to the river Thames. On the other sides, you can see the entrance at the back overlooking the apartments next door.

Switch-House-Level-10-v13Switch-House-Level-10-v4Switch-House-Level-10-v16-FeatureThe levels below have a slightly more polished feel, whilst the top level brings more of the outside in and shows more of the buildings texture, materials and brickwork detail.Switch-House-Level-10-v5Switch-House-Level-10-v11Switch-House-Level-10-v14

On your way up or down between the levels and across, there are more views to be seen from one of the cafe/restaurants


For those who are of a nervous disposition when it comes to heights, having the high walls on the balcony feels reassuring.

As this is a popular part of The Switch House, If you can arrive early or even later, I think it would be more enjoyable, as crowds can make it difficult to move around.

If you want to see more of the new extension to the Tate Modern, check out the last blog post about The Switch, where I talk about more of the light, texture of the building.

Have been to level 10? Which view at the top is your favourite?


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