In The Space | Album Launch Party


Youtube Space London | Brett Domino New Album ‘Funk’ | 13-01-17

The Space

The Youtube London space is one of nine buildings/venues internationally offering workshops and events throughout the year for Youtube creators.From sound, lighting and video editing, a space for up and coming creators to collaborate and network. Red, black and white colour graphics stand out against the plywood, steel walls and staircase, giving an open and laid back feel to the place.

The Event

I was invited to the Youtube Space for Brett Domino’s new album launch, Funk. The musician and comedian Rob J Madin and partner in crime Steven Peavis who are best known for their social awkward characters like C – bomb, previewed a few tracks to a small audience and fans at the Youtube space in London.

Supporters and fans who donated more towards the funding for the production of the album could have a cameo part in the latest Brett Domino music video. 

A few free drinks and snacks later, we were taken to a lower ground floor room to preview the new tracks off of the album.

Afterwards, we even talked to Rob aka Brett and his parents. The album Funk is realised on the 20th of January 2017.

Have you been to any of the Youtube spaces? Tell me your experience when you were there in the comments below.


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