Hotel Bathroom Chic


Turning your home bathroom into a luxurious and stylish space.

Bathroom-Tap-and-Soap-2Bathroom-SinkIf you can afford one or space, a large sink can give any bathroom an expensive hotel feel instantly.Bathroom-MirrorBathroom-Hook

Accessories are not only inexpensive but can transform a bathroom in minutes. I like adding chrome and texture to a contemporary setting. This gives a bathroom more luxuriousness and high-class style, without breaking the bank.


I was looking forward to renovating my bathroom as it was in desperate need of a new, well everything. My boyfriend was moving in so I set myself a deadline to work up to.

Panic! How am I going to juggle work, social life and plan to renovate my tired desperately in need renovation bathroom?!

Deep breath…

How hard can it be right? Came back to my old faithful. The list. If you got a lot of friends, family to help (and willing) this will save a lot of labour costs.

On the other hand, those same family and friends could cost you your sanity if they take too long to do the job or worst, create more DIY headaches for you.

Most of my friends are busy, and family aren’t skilled craftsmen either. So looking for a people in the trade off, plumbing, plastering, and fitting a new bathroom was essential.

You are (including myself here) going to have to hold your hands up and admit, you can’t do everything in a renovation. There is always someone in the trade who does it for a living and hopefully better.

I did look at trade websites, but I was a bit overwhelmed, on who to trust.

When you have found someone in the business, who is reliable and good… hold on to them. They will come in handy in the future.


Do before you renovate any room:

  1. Money – Be realistic here. If you want to spend a fair bit making your room look, fabulous darling, see what you have after your outgoings each month. If you or your family can still eat, then save a bit each month.
  2. Budget – Now that you have the money you have saved, stop right there! Before you spend a penny (lol, not that penny) write down or create a spreadsheet of all the things you need for your renovation and a breakdown of costs. (attach an example showing a deduction when adding items to the list/spreadsheet)
  3. Get inspired: Pinterest is a good source for ideas if you get stuck on what a hotel bathroom could look like. Create a board like this one, can get help guide you.

The Look

Glass and soap, soap dish by Zara Home. Mirror by Camden Mirrors. Moroccan Large Pendent & Chain by Moroccan Bazaar. French Ceramic Door Hook – Various. White Soap Dispenser by Tiger. Glass Soap Dispenser bought from TKMaxx.

Do you like the bathroom hotel chic style? What would your advice be on how to create the ideal bathroom at home? Would love to hear your ideas.


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