Holybelly Brunch


Time for crispy bacon and a sourdough breakfast


Don’t know about you, but I can tell a lot if a café or restaurant is going to be good if they do a good breakfast or burger. As I enjoy both, it was only appropriate for me to hunt down Paris’ newly established Holybelly.


An interesting take on a rosti and hash brown. Crispy bacon accompanied perfectly scrambled eggs and a couple of slices of sourdough toast.

Holybelly-v7 Holybelly-v6 Holybelly-v8

I must admit, I always get drawn into a place if the interior design is to my liking.

So when the breakfast I had at Holybelly was delicious, it made to eat there a much easier decision. Another well thought out decorative modern interior, with a Parisian atmosphere. Holybelly is a nice place to socialise, have a coffee after a walk by The St Martins Canal.

Apart from the mosaic tiles and geometric plywood patterned counter, I noticed that English was more commonly used rather than French.

Like most popular cafe’s, be prepared to queue, or arrive when it isn’t the peak times like the morning and lunchtime. So enjoy, hopefully, you will as I did. So let me know if you stopped by and what you thought in the comments.


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