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The Roof, Sky & Kew Gardens

As a blogger and designer, I spend a lot of time in the office so any excuse to escape outdoors especially in the warmer months I’m all for. The city has plenty of open spaces and gardens tucked away to explore.

So, it may come to surprise to you as a Londoner I still have yet to visit every garden or park that London has to offer. So that tells me not only do I need to get out more than I do but also do more exploring of my own city’s back yard.

Kew Gardens

Design by Nature – Click Image for more information

The botanical gardens of Kew. It’s not only educational, tropical and vast it’s easy to get to travel from central London to the borough of Richmond.

Sky Garden

Garden in the Sky – Click Image for more information

On my list of gardens to visit in London I decided the Sky Gardens in London would make a lasting impression on me for my birthday last year. Great atmosphere and spectacular views!

Roof Gardens – Kensington

The Reverb event was a great excuse to see what most people go to the Kensington roof gardens for was to see the flamingos. At first, I thought they were kept indoors because of the hot weather.

Fortunately for us and upon further exploring, we discovered the flamingos were tucked away to the side under a more shaded area near the restaurant and bar area.

We are definitely spoilt for choice when it comes to public spaces, so when I went for the first time to Kensington’s roof gardens to attend the Reverb event, which was a mixture of food, live music and comedy, I wasn’t disappointed.

Is the roof gardens worth going? Yes, I think so. I can see depending on what event was taking place, it would change the vibe of the place. I think it would be worth revisiting at different times of the day and year.

I enjoyed the event even on one of the hottest days in London, there was plenty of places to take shelter from the sun.

What is your go to garden escape in the city and why?


The Roof Gardens | Sky Gardens | Kew Gardens


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