Garden In The Sky


Up On The Roof – A Garden of Paradise

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August was my birthday month, so I knew the Sky Garden was on my must do and see in London. I wasn’t disappointed. We had dinner at The Darwin Brassiere, one of the restaurants on the upper levels looking down on to the main tired levels.

During the day you can see the London landmarks i.e the Gherkin, Tate Modern etc. But to get best breathtaking experience is to go to the Sky Garden just before sunset.

 This is when the place is flooded with a continuous spectrum of colour as the sun sets.

Sky-Garden-v1Sky-Garden-v10As well as the spectacular views over the capital, the Darwin or Sky Garden itself has a few restaurants, bar and hosts many events and tours throughout the Sky-Garden-v9I loved how the light danced through the large pane glass window onto the

Once the night was upon us, this is when you can see how well placed the lightning has been considered throughout. As you make your way around, you will find tucked away amongst the foliage, bench areas to sip your cocktails, whilst taking in the views.

A great place for events, meeting friends or just simply watching the sunset. If you are visiting London, don’t overlook the Sky garden. Would recommend next time you are visiting the city.

What are your top three roof gardens of the world? Would love to read your recommendations in the comments below.


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