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December 2017

Three weeks to Christmas. Some of you would have planned your gift ideas for several months and some of you haven’t even started. Don’t panic, whatever you are buying for your nearest and dearest what will be popular on most gift lists will be perfume and colognes.

As I mentioned in ‘Gift Ideas | Beauty Addition’ finding a place to start is the biggest hurdle, as there are many brands and stores stocking great perfumes.Over time the perfumery industry has changed and grown, particularly when it comes to perfumes that are unisex, suitable for either him or for her. Once upon a time, it was clear as day what perfumes we naturally gravitated towards when it came to our senses and tastes. Like many things, our tastes change, and the lines blur more when it comes to what women or men prefer when buying perfume or cologne.

Been loving and wearing bergamot and woody, peppery scent combinations in fragrances, which traditional in the past has and still associated with a man’s fragrance.

In ‘The Little Shop of Jo Malone’, fragrance combining has helped people create more tailored fragrances that not only create some interesting combinations but also what works for your body chemistry.To narrow the search when deciding where and what to find for him or her for gift ideas, I would begin by identifying the market range. To keep things simple, there are:

Mainstream/popular – Example: DKNY/Hugo Boss.

Niche – Example: Byredo/Diptique.

I recently was invited to an event at Les Senteurs The Specialist Perfumery in London who is a perfumery stockist, of designer perfumes like Les-Indémodables and Kilians. More expensive but use and source finer ingredients or smaller batch quantiles.Les Indémodables.

Shop Fragrances

Whatever your taste or budget, to start you off with the gift-giving season, why not shop the fragrances I personally love to wear and are suitable gifts for either for him or for her.

What are your favourite colognes or perfumes that you would wear normally associated with the opposite sex?


Clothing – Hugo Boss | Lipstick – Lancôme L’Absolu Rouge | Christian Dior – Dior Powder brush 14.

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