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Balanced Diet with Byrdie & Elemis Superfood Skincare

Wouldn’t it be nice to wake up and have well-nourished super healthy hydrated skin? A question I had asked myself a couple of years ago. A couple of months into 2018, we try our best to stay healthy from the inside out. But it is possible to a achieve radiant glowing complexion, just takes time patience and a good consistent skincare routine.

It’s no surprise judging from the blog post ‘At the House of Elemis’ that I find myself at new product launch by Elemis named Superfood. I was intrigued.

I was fortunate to be invited to the pop event in London. The experts at Elemis have pulled another great product range out of the bag.

The latest skincare system named Superfood is all about anti-oxidants and those good oils like Sweet Almond and Seed Oil. This plant-based vegan-friendly range consists of a superfood facial wash, day cream, night cream and facial oil. Like many of the Elemis range, you can layer these products with your existing skincare routine and designed for all skin types.

A bite to eat before your facial? Tasty healthy alternatives provided by High Mood Food.

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Elemis sure did pull out all the stops with a grand display of fruit and veg. I was most impressed with the wall of shopping baskets filled fresh fruit and vegetables. With many baskets full of fresh produce, here is where you were encouraged to choose any combination of fruit and vegetable smoothie of your choice.

A wall of fruit and vegetable goodness, the opportunity to know what goes into a made smoothie.

The friendly staff at Elemis talked through the ethos behind superfood in skincare, as well as the benefits.

Alongside the host, Byrdie Beauty’s Deputy Editor Shannon Peter skincare Elemis skincare experts talked through the benefits of Elemis products, tips on how to do a face massage and discussing the preconceptions people have about skincare.

As well as food from High Mood Food, drinks and talks, there was an opportunity to try out the range and have a much-needed facial using the products. As well as the wash, day cream and oil, I was also was treated to a gel mask which was cooling on the skin.

This event was a nice way not only to try-out the products but also get a better understanding of what would work best for my skin type from the Elemis team.

Ready for some much needed superfood skincare? Which have you tried and what have been the results? Would love to know in the comments below.

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