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Jelly Cleanser, Stretch Concealer & Body Hero

So, for those of you who have been swept away by the media buzz lately of Glossier arriving in the UK, you would of already have done some research and watched many reviews before deciding which products to add to your shopping baskets.

My friend Jasmin from Just Lovely Little Things who has a fashion and beauty blog has also had her eye on some time now Glossier products she was keen to get her hands on when they landed in the UK recently.

After narrowing down our final choices from the skincare and beauty range, we discovered and choose very different products. I thought it would be interesting to share our thoughts and first impressions of Glossier as a brand.

Like many in the UK, I choose a few products to not only get my first impressions of the brand but more importantly see if they work for me and talk about my first impressions.

Packaging & Brand

I think this is one of the main selling features of the Glossier brand. From looking at the online images, they do look they were a more of a drugstore brand. The packaging in person is high-quality sturdy and recyclable reusable packaging qualities. They even know that they have a good thing going when even their own reusable bubble zip lock bags are becoming popular.

Glossier seem to be all about the dewy, natural not so flawless complexion, which for many years in the beauty community was the total opposite as matt and flawless skin was and still is all the rage. Looks like Glossier arrived at the right time, as there is a mini-backlash to less flawless and more realistic expectations when it comes to beauty products and how and who actually wears it.

Body Hero – Daily Oil Wash

This was a battle between the body lotion and the oil wash. The daily oil wash won and landed in my shopping basket. The wash has a mild rose smell, which is pleasant but not unusual or complex enough to me. This purifying non-greasy oil formula feels great when applied on damp skin. Over time the true test is to see if it will keep my skin feeling soft after a few days

Overall: The slick, packaging is made well. Fragrance not to everyone’s taste slightly lingers.

On arrival:

There was a slight delay on my order but not a big delay. I have to say customer service was great. When I placed my order, I wasn’t sure the transaction went through. After an email to their office, they reassured me the order went through. They even apologised for the delay and gave a £5 towards a next purchase.

Milky Jelly Conditioning Cleanser

Out of the many popular products, this was the one that had the most hype.

First Impression:

I enjoyed the texture the most from this cleanser and was glad to discover that it didn’t have a distinct smell which is a good thing. Over time on my skin, I will have to see if the Milky Jelly cleanser actually works on my combination skin as I find over time some I have tried dry my skin out, especially over prolonged use.


Great consistency, again great packaging. No overpowering fragrance. Possible to see results over prolong use to see if suitable.

Stretch Concealer

Been on a search for a good concealer still looking out on which brand I will finally decide would not only suits my skin tone but long wearing. So naturally, I went for the stretch concealer for one of my first purchases.

First Impression

A creamer and lightweight formula compared to say popular concealers like Nars or Estee Lauder. The consistency reminds me of a lip balm which I can see be more suited for drier/combination skin.

I picked two shades in the colours Dark 30 and Deep 40. Took a risk and I was fully aware of the possibility of a miss match, a risk you take when ordering makes up online before testing. But I was willing to go for it. At first glance, the dark 30 would be on me a highlighting concealer and the deep 40 to colour match my skin.

Unfortunately, you only have five colours to choose from, hoping this will change as out of the two stretch concealers deep 40 suited me more even though it was a bit too red in tone.

I did find that the dark 30 on my under-eye area and lid looked ashy as I have a gradient dark lid compared to the rest of my face which is quite common for most people. I think this showed me how much a thinner consistency of concealer it is. This isn’t a bad thing, not everyone wants a heavy concealer, but to bear this in mind if considering buying Glossier’s stretch concealer.

Overall: Love the packaging and feel of the product. Slightly expensive for the quantity. Could do with expanding the colour range. Feels nourishing without being sticky.

I have to say overall I am most impressed with the packaging and customer service at Glossier. Still, I need to properly road test these products to see if I truly like them or repurchase.

Want to know more about what goes on at Glossier? Have a read of their blog: ‘Into the Gloss’.

Go show some love and read Jasmin’s blog at ‘GLOSSIER UK LAUNCH: FIRST THOUGHTS’, where she talks about her first-time experience with Glossier products.

If you have come over from Jasmin’s, hello and welcome. Let me know in the comments which Glossier you love and would recommend.


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